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Current tariff plans for 01.07.2020г ..

For settlements: urban village Vradievka, urban village Kr. Lake, s. Syrovo
Tariffs for multi-apartment / multi-storey buildings and houses in the private sector





The speed indicated in the tariffs is not a constant. This value refers to the maximum speed that can be obtained on this tariff plan (port speed). It depends on many factors, including the capacity and performance of client equipment, the load of resources accessed by the user, increased virus activity in the network, as well as the load of communication channels and servers that are not part of the network’s area of responsibility Ekran.

Tariffs for legal entities






Connection in multi-apartment / multi-storey buildings - up to 2000 UAH

Connection in the private sector - up to 2000 UAH

- The connection includes the cost of the installers' departure, as well as their work, the cost of copper cable, the cost of fiber optic cable, the cost of a media converter / ONU


To connect you will need:

  • passport data with registration address (registration);
  • workable personal computer, laptop, router, SMART-TV, etc..;

The connection price does not include the cost of a router, a network card for a PC, a switch for connecting two or more devices, work with the decoration of cable installation (in baseboards, behind cabinets, etc..)


Technical Support Numbers:
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